Comprehensive web publishing
platform for media portals

100+ Features

Thoughtful features for an exceptional portal experience.

Web & Mobile Ready

Choose from a range of responsive templates and serve content across computers and mobile devices

User Engagement

Enable users to contribute content, post comments or reviews and share content on social networks.

Content Management

Create, manage and moderate content with ease. Track edit logs, views and ensure timely removal of obsolete content.

Third Party Integrations

Aggregate content from third party sources and integrate Google services, social media feeds and affiliate services.


Create new revenue channels based on Ads, subscription & coupon sales - supported by a self-service transaction system.

Easy Administration

Enjoy full control over features and moderation settings. Define staff roles and privileges in-line with your editorial processes.

Website Management

Manage global features including site navigation, social login, auto-response templates, user accounts and more.

SEO Features

Enjoy full control over SEO and drive more traffic through Google rich snippet optimization

Analytics & Reports

Track web traffic, user activity and revenues across 50+ KPIs. And, get deep insights about user/advertiser preferences.

Technology Stack

BlackMonk is built on Python Django framework and uses a range of web technologies like HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, celery etc.