Finest next-generation CMS for
modern, traditional, and emerging media.

BlackMonk CMS is the flagship product of DoubleSpring Media (P) Ltd. - a new media company, specialized in web development. We work to our strengths, and we’re strong in many areas of the web from operations and infrastructure to development and design. We are a small team, but we have proven time and again that we can outperform the "big guys", in terms of total cost and time to market.


The team at DoubleSpring ventured into the "online media" business by building out a city lifestyle portal. In less than two years, our city portal was getting more traffic & traction than over a dozen of our competitors, some of whom were in business for nearly 10 years!

We innovated quickly, tapped into user-generated content, social media features and eventually found success through trial & error.


We extracted our "city portal" platform (LocalEngine) and started licensing it to small & medium sized web publishers in North America. Our clients liked our CMS "philosophy" and were generous in sharing their experiences and making feature suggestions. We worked with each client and delivered customizations that met their publishing requirements. Our biggest learning was that any CMS solution targeted at small/medium web publishers MUST give them multiple channels to monetize website traffic. Restricted the revenue model to only "banner advertising" is a one-trick pony that no longer works!


Several prospective clients approached us to work on projects that were NOT "city portals". As developers, we found that the LocalEngine platform was not flexible enough to build "any" type of information/community portal. The old architecture was limiting in some ways.

Armed with our previous experiences and a more seasoned team we built out a new CMS platform from scratch in about 11 months (10,000+ Hrs of design & development) more powerful, flexible & more affordable than its predecessor.

We are thankful to our BETA clients who were involved with BlackMonk from a very early stage and continue to be supportive in our quest to create the finest next-generation CMS for modern, traditional, and emerging media.

Our current focus is on creating mobile applications for iPhone & Android and seamless integration with our web application to deliver a rich experience for your users!