Use with Magpul ASAP  rear adapter plate (sold separately) for 180 ° of unrestricted slingshot movement that allows you to shift shoulders to take full advantage of cover, skill targets in corners or other obstacles and change weapon position if an arm is injured. Visit here for more information.

Constructed from super thin, exceptionally strong nylon webbing, double stitched at stress points for extra strength. magpul MS3 sling shot replaces a Paraclip with a QD steel sling compatible with QD sling cups commonly found on receivers, receiver flanges and lower buttstocks. Compatible with Magpul RSA and MSA  and most loop sling style adapters.

The first thing that catches your eye when you first look at the belt is its minimalism. Nothing hangs, no protruding slings, a huge number of carabiners, buckles and everything that universal belts often sin with. However, behind this simplicity lies the functionality that allows you to quickly fasten the belt in two versions - one-point and two-point.

The carabiners are soft enough to repeatedly re-fasten them with your hands in any position convenient for you, however, they have an active locking system to prevent accidental opening. The system allows you to make the belt longer for shooting without removing the belt, or shorter for easier transportation directly on the fighter, without removing the weapon from the operator.

All fittings are made predominantly of composite, which is often put to the disadvantages of this design, however, most people who criticize the materials confuse composite with simple plastic, greatly underestimating the strength of proprietary Magpul carbines and other belt parts .

Belts can differ in the color of the slings, there are several options for monochromatic colors, suitable for different types of terrain and tasks. The second generation combines wide functionality, minimalist design and ease of use. Magpul managed to create an incredibly comfortable and reliable weapon belt that can solve a very wide range of tasks at once. The Magpul MS3 sling tactical weapon belt is perhaps the best value for money among rifle belts .

1.Can be used as a one and  two-point  rifle belt ;
2.Comfortable to fit;
3.Light weight;
4.Materials: Nylon, Hardened steel, high-quality shock / frost-resistant plastic;
5.Terrific reliable
6.One-handed adjustment ;

It is in service with a number of countries, which allows it to be used in modeling in  Airsoft .Magpul PMAG 223 Rem (5.56 / 45) magazine for 10 Gen M3 rounds black Article - MP MAG559-BLK Brand - Magpul Model - Magpul 223 Rem (5.56 / 45) Gen M3 magazine. Caliber - 223 Rem (5.56 /45). Magpul design - Removable box-type.

Amount of cartridges - 10. Weapon platform - AR-15. Material - Polymer. Country of origin - USA Magpul PMAG 223 Rem (5.56 / 45) for 10 Gen M3 rounds black Magpul 223 Rem. Gen M3 is a lightweight plastic magazine for 5.56x45 NATO rounds. Compatible with AR15 / M16 / M4 carbines, as well as with other weapon models SA-80, HK416, MR556A1, M27IAR, FN SCAR MK16 / 16S. Supplied with stainless steel springs.

Due to the presence of a removable top valve, it has increased protection against dust and sand, which reduces the level of contamination of the store. The low profile of the magazine provides convenient placement in the double and triple compartments of the pouches at magpul MS3 sling. It differs from its predecessor Gen M2 in a smaller width, which allows more freedom to remove magazines from the pouch.

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